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To orchestrate a building to grid and carbon signals, you need to connect to every piece of equipment and every sensor that enables your AI/ML to optimize for Cost, Comfort and Carbon. We can connect to any machine and we leave no machine behind. Below is our list of connections, and we are just getting started. 

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Experts in connecting machines

We have best-in-class partners providing data rich solutions. Rather than the limited sensor and fault data provided through expensive and proprietary legacy Building Management Solutions (BMS), SkyCentrics connects to every data and control point from its partner OEM equipment.

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Independent Data Layer that goes both ways 

The few high quality Independent Data Layers that exist to make buildings smarter are generally one way for data only. SkyCentrics is Two Way for both data and control. That means you can schedule and change settings on any of your machines in any of your buildings. You can change schedules to thousands of machines with one click. Control and data is how we provide best-in-class of all, we tag and store your data in the open standard of your choice, for example, Project Haystack or 223p.

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Connect to your data with our API or Export it

We free your machines, and then we free your data. Point any of your 3rd party apps to your data on the SkyCentrics platform. Export your data, confident that it is all tagged and stored in Project Haystack format or another standard of your choice. We don't hold you hostage.

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Open Standard
Data Tagging and Storage

We tag and store all of your building data in the open standard smart building ontology of your choice. We have started with Project Haystack, but can easily change it to Brick, RealEstateCore or your choice. We believe that open standards are critical to keeping your buildings and your data open and interoperable. We are bringing the flexibility of Information Technologies (IT) to Operations Technologies (OT)

5 Pillars
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