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Privacy Policy

SkyCentrics has many options for data export:

  1. Data for one device - On the portal, on the graphing page, you can choose from 1 - 7 days on an individual device, and then click the "Export" button and choose to download the graph as a PNG file, or download the data as a CSV file.

  2. Data for all of your devices (daily export) - On the portal, there is a "Data Export" tab where you can set up a daily download to your SFTP site. Enter your SFTP server address (host:port), and the username and password that will authenticate our export, and then the time between midnight and 4:00 AM when you want the export. This will export all of the data for all of the devices in your account.

  3. REST API - You can use our REST API to access data. Please contact us for our API documentation and an API key.

  4. Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) - For aggregators and others who need as close to real time data as possible, we provide a pub/sub methodology to get you real time data at as low a cost as possible. Please contact us for details.

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