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DREAM Platform

The SkyCentrics Demand Response Energy and Asset Management (DREAM) platform completes the buildings-to-grid, Virtual Power Plant (VPP) vision for Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings (GEBs) as outlined in the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) "National Roadmap for Grid-Interactive Buildings". SkyCentrics provides 'last mile connectivity' to machines in buildings that enables utilities and aggregators to send grid and carbon signals to those buildings, reducing the carbon footprint of the building, lowering the cost of energy for the building, and enabling increased renewables onto the grid thanks to the ability of the building machines to be flexible loads. We do this all while maintaining occupant comfort thanks to the thermal 'storage' in the hot or cold water in boilers and chillers, or the hot and cold air in the building, or the DERs available to shift the load or provide other grid services. As we optimize our algorithms, we will increasingly be able to provide the full scope of grid-interactivity and Virtual Power Plant services as outlined in LBNL's four S's: Shed, Shape, Shift, and Shimmy (below). Finally, we can help organize your VPP with program sign-up pages and fleet management services. If you choose not to use our SkyCentrics DERMS, you can connect to our platform via our:

  • OpenADR 2.0b Certified VEN cloud

  • Rest API

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