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Using DeepKube, our powerful data ETL platform, we extract your data from your machines, transform it and tag it, and then load it into a data storage accessible by API and export. That is your Independent Data Layer (IDL). Then we provide our Grid-Interactive Efficient Building (GEB) Tool platform for you to manage your buildings from anywhere. Schedule them, monitor them, configure your alerts, troubleshoot them, or let us optimize them for comfort, cost, and carbon. Take advantage of utility and government incentives because your building is grid-ready. 

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The SkyCentrics SkyBox provides cellular communications and/or a CTA-2045 EcoPort to Modbus communicating machines. This opens up the world of legacy commercial building equipment to the Internet of Things world as we inexpensively bring their data and control points to our platform. Major OEMs are already using SkyBox to rapidly make their machines grid-interactive and grid-ready. If your machine or machine controller does not have an RJ-45 Ethernet port, then we provide a $20 Ethernet to RS-485 adaptor that can translate Modbus TCP to Modbus  RTU.

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The SkyCentrics suite of EcoPort modules can provide instant communication to any EcoPort enabled machine or equipment. Machines that do not have an EcoPort are rapidly becoming EcoPort certified with our SkyBox. Below is the list of EcoPort OEM products:

  • Water Heaters from almost every OEM

  • Pentair Pool Pump Controller IntelliConnect 2.0

  • Mitsubishi Mini-splits

  • Mistubishi QAHV commercial heat pump water heater

  • Siemens EV Charger

  • Nyle Water Heaters

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