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SkyCentrics is your home to support you in your CTA-2045 EcoPort & OpenADR Certification

ECOPORT Certification Path

The recommended path for OEMs to certify their EcoPort equipment is:

  1. Join the OpenADR Alliance (members receive significant discounts on the testing tools)

  2. Decide if you are going to use the AC or DC version of the CTA-2045 EcoPort. If using the AC, contact Will Korbin at On-Shore Technlogies to purchase the proper connector.

  3. Purchase the test tool hardware and software from SkyCentrics (this is recommended so that you can pre-certify your product in your own lab before submitting to a testing lab)

  4. IMPORTANT: SkyCentrics provides support for this product, but only for configuring the software, setting up the testing process, and document submittal to OpenADR. We do not help you debug your own machine.

  5. Confirm you pass all tests for CTA-2045-B Level 2 (if you are a water heater)

  6. Submit your equipment to a testing lab for certification testing

  7. Download certification paperwork for submission to the OpenADR Alliance

  8. Submit your paperwork to the OpenADR Alliance

  9. Have your product listed on the EcoPort Qualified Product List

SkyBox CTA-2045 EcoPort to Modbus Adaptor

SkyBox Tabs Top View w EcoPort sticker.png

SkyCentrics is working with major OEMs to speed their way to market with CTA-2045 EcoPort certification in an "all-in-one" box - the SkyBox CTA-2045 EcoPort to Modbus adaptor. If your machine or your machine controller can talk 'Modbus', then our adaptor may be the solution for you. Contact us for more information.

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